Understanding yourself thus being able to understand what you want and subsequently your partner is the key to finding and keeping the One. Here’s a list of tests varying from conventional to fun.


Personality Test

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Conventional personality test that breaks people out into 16 distinct patterns of behavior


The DiSC Profile

Breaks people’s behavior patterns into 4 categories


Fascination Advantage

Find out what naturally fascinates people about you


Strength Finder

Discover what you do best effortlessly


Relationship Test

The Anatomy of Love by Helen Fisher

Understand your relationship type and who you are most compatible with


Love Language

Explain your core need to feel loved


Fun Relationship Quiz

Silly quiz that serves as a great way to talk about some more serious matters on a date



Find out what matters to you most

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Find out your subconscious need in a relationship

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Find out what you want in your other half

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